Conservation Conversation: Preserving Wildlife Habitat through Carbon Offsetting Posted on 22 Apr 09:19 , 0 comments

A new Luangwa Conservation Conversations at tribe today 

In 2018, Conservation South Luangwa started hosting afternoon tea “Conservation Conversations” events at tribe - our vibrant secondary shop close to the park's main gate in Mfuwe. These events give local NGOs, wildlife experts and conservation organizations a chance to showcase their work to visitors….and give guests, guides, managers the opportunity to learn about the crucial work that these organizations do in the Luangwa Valley.

These events take place roughly every 6 weeks during peak season and it is always a very friendly and informal moment where guests, managers and guides from all lodges come for tea and refreshments at tribe from 14.45. An informal talk begins at 15.00 and is followed by a Q&A session afterwards. By 16.00 guests can resume their normal afternoon game drive activities.

It's been amazing to see the support and interest we received from guests and lodges alike since we started hosting those extremely interesting talks. They clearly add value to guests’ experience in the South Luangwa valley.


BCP: How offsets are funding community-based habitat protection in South Luangwa

Today we will be lucky enough to welcome Dr Hassan Sachedina (CEO of BioCarbon Partners) as a speaker. BCP is a Zambian company that follows the UN REDD+ model to generate community income through forest offsets. 

Right now BCP is working with 170,000 people throughout Luangwa and Lower Zambezi to conserve 1 million hectares of vital wildlife habitat. Hassan will explain how REDD+ and the Paris Agreement are benefiting local communities here in South Luangwa and helping to conserve this precious eco-system. 

We hope to host many of you today! 

And a Happy Easter to all of you from the Tribal Textiles team!!!