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August 2012

Much has happened at Tribal Textiles since we last wrote; we have tested many new products and designs, dispatched orders around the globe and got involved in philanthropic community projects.

As our stockists plan ahead for the Christmas sales we could not resist relaunching our ever popular Festive designs.  After a fun day’s photo shoot with Santa hats, Christmas music and crackers we even convinced ourselves that it was December until we stepped back out into the August sunshine!  To spark up our Christmas offering we are delighted to introduce the ever popular Raindance design in our vibrant Festive colourway.
Christmas Range 1
Christmas Range 2
Understanding that Christmas is a special time for children we have expanded our kids’ designs and products ensuring this years’ stockings will be filled to the brim.  Our Captain Zulu design has been revamped adding in fun characters from brightly coloured fish, to friendly crabs and smiling crocodiles.  We now offer our best selling Safari Fun design in the girly Cherry Blossom colourway and we have created new and stunning kids products from pencil cases to purses, bags and wash bags.
Kids Range
Kids Range

After we proudly watched the Zambian Football team win the Africa Cup of Nations, Tribal Textiles were approached by a local Mfuwe football side asking for sponsorship.   They had just been promoted into the Federal Association of Zambia’s National League, Division 3.  However, this involved more travel which they could ill afford.  As a team they have played with passion and conviction despite having no football boots, no kit and only one football to train with. 

Tribal Textiles decided to lend support especially as some of our staff’s children are members of the team. We agreed to contribute to food and transport for away matches and in return they help in the Tribal grounds once a week.  We also bought them two footballs and a full football kit.  Our sewers were delighted to add the branded Tribal Textiles patches to each shirt.  The team is now 7th out of 12 in their new league and their success is proudly followed by a football loving local community
Local Football Team

If football is the primary passion for many Zambians music must come a very close second.  Tribal Textiles were a Primary Financial Sponsor at the incredible Nkalango! Concert held on 21st July in Mfuwe.  A concert organised by the Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust to raise conservation awareness through the universal medium of music.  It was no small event, attended by roughly 5000 spectators, Zambia’s top artists performed including Ruff Kid, Peterson, Impi, Judy and Slap Dee.   The artists mixed conservation messages with contemporary songs whilst local children from the Education Programme also had their chance to perform on stage.  It was a huge success and a CD of the event is being launched and sold in Lusaka.

Tribal Textiles’ staff loved the day and were over the moon when all the artists visited their workshop the day before their performance.  Quite by chance their favourite singer, Peterson, was playing on the stereo at the same time!  It also brings back memories of a very special manager at Tribal Textiles, Jo Harris, who organized a music concert to raise HIV awareness.  Jo sadly died young but her passion for the people of Mfuwe lives on through her mother’s charity ‘Make me Smile’ set up in her memory.  Make me Smile donates generously to the local Malimba School which Tribal Textiles support.
Fundraising Concert
Fundraising Concert

Last but not least we would like to introduce one of our many special staff members.  Ruth Chilepa joined us as a sewer in 2007 and thanks to her work ethic and desire to learn was promoted to ‘Head of Finishing’ in our Sewing department in 2010.

As is often the case Ruth’s life outside of work is not easy.  Her sister died in 2005 leaving behind three orphans, Sandra, Violet and Emmanuel.  Ruth is proud of how the kids are doing in school and she runs a small business selling clothes from her home to help pay their school fees. 

When asked why she works for Tribal Textiles she explained ‘It is a good place, with good people, management and good everything’.
It is hard to believe that in August we are already thinking so far ahead, but as our production schedule fills with Christmas orders we are starting to plan for the annual Zambian Arts & Design Show and are even brainstorming new and exciting designs for 2013!
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