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The rains have finally arrived in the Luangwa Valley and the beautiful African bush has burst into a riot of lush green leaves. Here at Tribal Textiles our workshop has now closed for our rainy season break after a fantastic year of production. 

We revamped our contemporary offering with our stunning new Tribal Cloth design in Mushroom and Indigo, our artists worked incredibly hard and created a record number of textiles, and we welcomed our highest number of Art Safari guests to date.

Here is our round-up of our 2014!

Wall Hanging

Bed Linen


As well as introducing our stunning new Tribal Cloth design, we also reshot our classic design Moonstone in the striking colourway Japan Red. Our wonderful intern Emilie Dodge joined us all the way from New York City for the photo shoot, and brought a fresh injection of energy and creativity with her!



We loved learning more about our artists’ lives as we continued our Staff Stories project.

We discovered that our painter Noreen Zulu has a particularly inspiring story; Noreen uses part of her wage from Tribal Textiles to support a local Women’s Club which offers small-scale loans to people who want to begin businesses in the community. The club is vital for community development, providing funding to individuals who would not normally be eligible for bank loans.

The small interest earned on these loans is paid out to the members each year. Noreen has been a member for many years and her interest payments have helped to put her two children through school. She is now saving to bring electricity to her house and buy clothes for her children for Christmas.

Noreen has worked for Tribal Textiles for 12 years and is a team leader in her section. She is an extremely popular member of our staff and we wish her all the best for the year ahead.

Tribal Textiles in a Lodge

Our Pinterest page has seen lots of activity this year with news, inspiration and beautiful photos of course! 

Our latest board, Tribal Textiles on Location showcases just some of the stunning lodges and hotels across Africa that are decorated using our textiles. From Uganda to South Africa, we are thrilled to see our artist’s work adorning beds, sofas and walls across the continent!

Here is just one image of our Gallery Stripe design from gorgeous Pumulani Lodge, a Robin Pope Safaris property on the banks of Lake Malawi.

In October we celebrated Zambia’s Golden Jubilee. Fifty years of Independence is a wonderful milestone in such a proudly stable, democratic and above all, welcoming country.

Our workshop was closed for the day and each member of staff was gifted a roast chicken so that they could enjoy a celebratory lunch with friends and relatives. National events were held to commemorate this historic landmark, while some of our artists celebrated being Proudly Zambian in style - literally!

New Ideas

Always wanting to keep our product offering fresh, we have also developed a new tablecloth range this year. Our new round tablecloths come in an updated range of sizes, from 145 cm to 220 cm in diameter.

Round Tablecloths

Produced on a slightly lighter weight and wider cotton, the tablecloths are sewn without a join and sit beautifully on any circular table. They come in our full range of designs and colourways; please email for more details and for the opportunity to place an order for 2015.