Cards made from recycled banana paper and fabric - People

$3.00 USD

These unique cards are handmade from recycled banana paper and fabrics offcuts by our lovely ladies at Tribal Textiles. Faces are screened on organic banana paper before being embellished using scraps of traditional chitenge fabrics. Not two of them are similar and the ingenuity and imagination of our staff amazes us every day. They all come with a brown paper envelope.

We partenered up with One Planet Café Ltd. that produces the organic banana paper right next door to Tribal Textiles in Mfuwe. One Planet Café Ltd. are WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) verified and produce paper from Zambian organic bananas grown here in South Luangwa. Local villagers use banana stems to create this unique and high quality paper. They are then processed in traditional Japanese Washi-factories to use as little energy, water and chemicals as possible.

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